Fun, innovative movement and play sessions for happy, healthy pre-schoolers!

Children need to move! Regular physical movement helps young brains develop. Encouraging motor skills and self-confidence with the right pre-school activity is a great stepping stone to a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Physical activity & experiences in the early years encourage children to get the basics right before focusing on one particular sport or activity.


Through fun and enjoyable themed activities that are different each session, the programme allows children’s progress to be monitored and measured. 


The ability to learn at a young age measurably improves a child’s motor skills and increases their opportunities as they develop and grow.


Miniskillz classes are weekly play and movement sessions held in pre-schools, nurseries and other local venues. Children develop physical and social skills with fun, themed and structured sessions. They run, hop, laugh, balance, and work together, without choosing a specific sports class at such an early age. Let your child have fun getting the basics right with our Miniskillz programme. Happy, confident children move on to school and family life with increased confidence to try sports, dance and other activities.

“Those things you learn without joy you will forget easily” Old Finnish saying


About Miniskillz

MiniSkillz is an innovative early years programme that
enhances early childhood learning experiences and
development through positive physical activity and movement.

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Nurseries – offering Miniskillz in the curriculum

Miniskillz offer structured, weekly classes delivered by professional coaches, as an optional extra for parents. We handle all payment and admin if required. Creative fun sessions for the children with a flexible approach that adapts to your space and nursery day. “Totally tailored to our setting and very age appropriate.”Learn more here about how Miniskillz fits into nursery life and why children love our classes.Book a taster session for your nursery and let us create a session that suits you. Contact head coach, Neil, to see how we can help.

Families – how your child can join us at Miniskillz

Miniskillz offer weekly classes in either your child’s nursery or a convenient community venue. We believe a fun, multi-skills structured approach through play really encourages motor skills and social confidence. We welcome all pre-school children with friendly coaches and a nurturing environment. “Very well organised and a fantastic fun way for children to learn sports skills.”
Learn more about how Miniskillz classes work at your child’s nursery and why your child will love them!
Learn more about Miniskillz classes taking place in community venues near you!

Developing through physical play at Miniskillz

• Increased social and communication skills
• Teamwork and team spirit
• Increased self-confidence
• Friendship and respect in a group
• Confidence in facing a challenge

A typical Miniskillz session – play, laugh and grow

45-minutes of fun activities with our simple play and sports equipment including balls, hoops and racquets. Everyone loves our weekly themes such as animals, colours or the seasons.
“Thursday is without doubt her favourite day of the week now, knowing she is doing these sessions.”

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