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Fun, innovative and flexible movement and play sessions that work for your nursery

Children are born to move! We all know that physical activity is crucial to a child’s growth in areas such as self-confidence, emotional and social skills. The familiar, welcoming pre-school environment is ideal to learn through play.
In addition, a recent government study suggested that EYFS settings should include ‘a high quality of physical and outdoor play provision.’ This may mean yet more health targets applied to younger children.

Keen to expand your physical development provision but concerned that your time, budget and space is already under pressure?

Our structured, weekly innovative classes are delivered by professional coaches, as an optional extra to parents. We handle all payment and admin if required. Creative fun sessions with a flexible approach, adapting to your space and nursery day.

At Miniskillz, we believe that movement and motor skills are best learnt through play AND a multi-skills approach. Our structured programme suits all children, preparing them for sports, dance or just a healthy active life. Children don’t have to choose a specific activity at such an early development stage.

What we deliver for you, your children and your parents

• FREE taster session – call us now!
• Weekly 45 minutes sessions on a term-by-term basis.
• 1 adult to max of 10 children
• All sign-up and payment handled by us if required
• Written termly assessment of each child’s performance
• Experienced local coach with support for your staff on physical movement ideas
• Flexible to your timing and needs

Working with our head coach and team

Our 45-minute sessions explore movement through play and simple games. We use our play and simple sports equipment including balls, hoops, racquets, skipping ropes and the ever-popular ‘parachute’! Children love our themed sessions such as animals and colours.

A typical Miniskillz session – play, laugh and grow

Our video shows a taster session at a local fun-day. Don’t worry – usually we work in much smaller spaces!

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